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    Use News Factory Widgets to Streamline Trading Experience

    Incorporate real-time charts and precise financial instruments onto your website in one click. All of our widgets are coded to load quickly in several languages of your choice. Bring the trading experience of your trading community to the next level, so that they never have to leave your site. Make your brokerage services fully featured and enrich the contents of your finance website.

    Fibonacci Calculator

    Empower your clients with a powerful tool to construct a personalized and user-friendly trading plan that aligns with their unique trading style.

    Pivot Calculator

    The Pivot Point Calculator is an invaluable tool utilized to compute pivot points for various financial instruments such as forex pairs, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more. By leveraging this calculator, traders can make informed decisions based on accurate pivot point calculations.

    Currency Converter

    Reduce bounce rates and boost user engagement with our currency exchange widget, enabling traders to conveniently exchange currencies directly on your site.

    Stop Loss/Take Profit Target Prices

    Confidently manage open positions and execute market orders with our strategic decision-making tool, empowering traders with enhanced control and precision.

    Stop Loss/Take Profit Levels

    Maximize trading outcomes with the Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels tool, empowering your traders with advanced functionality for precise risk management and profit optimization.

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