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    Daily news video

    Can I choose which content will appear in my edition?

    Certainly! We kindly request you to provide us with a comprehensive list of the assets offered on your platform, and we will strictly adhere to that list.

    Each day, we will curate the most intriguing news specifically related to the assets in your list, ensuring that your news edition remains focused and relevant to your audience.

    Video trading lessons

    Is it possible to have my own presenter in the trading lessons?

    Get an exclusive offer with a 1-year subscription: 20 additional lessons added to your gallery, featuring a unique presenter in your preferred language. Contact us for custom integration solutions and take advantage of this opportunity.

    Can I block access to the education center?

    Customize access to your trading lessons by blocking individual lessons or implementing broader restrictions. For instance, to drive sales leads, you can prevent free access to lessons and block pending registrations. Enjoy the flexibility to shape the learning experience according to your business goals.


    Can I create my own "academy"?

    Yes. Utilize our white label trading lessons in any LMS (Learning Management System) of your choice.

    We also offer custom integration solutions and can assist with site building. Contact us to explore the possibilities.